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Household Silicone 1™ Glue

Product Details

  • Permanently waterproof
  • Easy-to-use squeeze tube
  • Indoor & outdoor 

Product Colors

Household Silicone 1™ glue is a clear, 100% silicone all-purpose adhesive for general household and craft projects. It offers strong adhesion and is permanently waterproof.

Adheres to: most metals and woods, aluminum, composites, brick, stone, stucco, masonry, cement board, glass, porcelain, ceramic tile, drywall, plaster, vinyl siding, PVC, fiberglass, and painted surfaces

For complete product details, see packaging label in the "Downloads" tab. 
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  1. Remove dirt, grease, moisture and old glue from substrates to be glued.  
  2. Cut nozzle to obtained desired bead size.  
  3. Apply glue to one substrate.  
  4. Join substrates together. Wipe away excess glue with mineral spirits.
Meets ASTM C-920, Type-S, NS, Class 25, use NT, M, G, A & O test requirements
Fed Spec TT-S-00230C; TT-S-001543A
Silicone 1 Household Glue is compliant for incidental food contact under FDA 21 CFR177.2600 “Rubber articles intended for repeated use.”

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